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Commercial and Industrial
Vomero Associates has experience in appraising a wide variety of properties. From unimproved land…to income-producing properties such as apartments and office buildings…to retail locations, warehouses and factories.
Employing hard data such as sales price and potential income comparables—as well as a knowledge of changing trends and values in the dynamic New York regional market—each appraisal considers the entire range of factors that influence price and value.


In the fast-changing New York residential real estate market, an in-depth knowledge of the city's neighborhoods is essential.
This knowledge, coupled with detailed analyses of the subject property, neighborhood and local market, assures an appraisal of the greatest possible accuracy and utility.

Backed by a trained, experienced support staff
Because of their training and experience, Vomero Associates' support staff not only knows the profession—they understand the importance of accuracy in research, speed in follow-through, and attention to detail.
Using continuously revised computer databases our support staff organizes and transmits the up-to-the-minute information on which our clients depend.

Raymond A. Vomero Associates
Founded in 1976, we have become one of the metropolitan New York region's most respected real estate appraisal and consulting firms.

This impressive record of growth is the result of Vomero Associates' adherence to the highest professional standards…and its use of state-of-the-art technology for faster, more accurate and more reliable client service.

Raymond A. Vomero Associates offers its clients the professional skills and informed judgment of our staff of full-time appraisers and real estate consultants. Their extensive training and broad professional backgrounds include experience in virtually every type of real estate in the New York metropolitan area market: commercial, industrial and residential.
Raymond A. Vomero Associates, Inc.

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Email: nora_vomero@yahoo.com

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